Rasmalai —  subho mahalaya to all—

Today is Mahalaya an auspicious occasion that announces the advent of Goddess Durga .

The chanting of Birendra Kishore Bhadra’s chandipath fills the air from early morning ,  these are my childhood memories ,  and every year  we play the recorded version of chandipath to relive these memories –when we were woken up at 4 a.m in the morning to listen to the radio  in Akashbani …

So here is the recipe for Rasmalai —- something sweet  — marking the start of Devipaksha —

Rasmalai — is a soft cottage cheese patties in dry fruit laced saffron flavoured creamy milk rabri —

This is an instant version of rasmalai using readymade rasgullas — and condensed milk to make rabri —

Method :

Take small rasgullas , squeeze them gently to take out the sugar syrup from them.

Make rabri by cooking 1/2 cup of condensed milk and  500ml of milk, 1 cup of sugar  and 10 to 12 strands of  saffron , until thick and creamy .

Add drained rasgullas and chopped pistachios in cooked rabri ,  cook further for 5 minutes ..  .

Your Instant Rasmalai is ready—



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  1. mistimaan says:

    Suvo Mahalaya 🙂

    I love rasmalai 🙂

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  2. flavours2017 says:

    Thanks a lot and Bengali ‘s love their desserts 😊

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  3. A very subho Mahalaya 🙏 Totally awesome food for the occasion 🤗

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  4. Ankita Dash says:

    Subho mahalaya..you make this recipe so easy…

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  5. I love it this is one of the yummiest dessert😚

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  6. InspiresN says:

    All time favorite dessert!

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  7. flavours2017 says:

    Thanks Ankita — this is actually an instant recipe of Rasmalai 😊


  8. flavours2017 says:

    Thanks a lot 😍😍

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  9. flavours2017 says:

    Thanks a lot 🙂


  10. KathrinS says:

    Looks absolutely delicious – and thanks for sharing a little bit of the cultural background of this dish, too. Very interesting.

    Kathrin — http://mycupofenglishtea.wordpress.com

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  11. flavours2017 says:

    Thanks Kathrin for your lovely comment and glad you liked my recipe ❤❤

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  12. It’s the first time I hear about this dish. Looks beautiful and flavourful! Thanks for sharing the recipe!


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