Mac and Cheese

This is the easiest dinner that one can cookup , when we are not in a mood to go through a full course dinner 😊

Above all its liked by everyone in the family besides my husband ☚ī¸

But sometimes he also have to adjust 😝

Nothing much to say about the recipe it’s an easy one —

Ingredients :

1 pack of macaroni pack

1 pack of full fat milk

1 spoon of all purpose flour

4 tsp of butter

200 GM’s of shredded cheese

2 tsp of finely chopped garlic

1 finely sliced onion (optional)

2 tsp of white pepper powder

1 tsp of red chilli flakes

Vegetables of your choice ( I have used Sweet corn, broccoli and mushroom)

Method :

Boil the pasta as per the instruction in packet.

Heat a non-stick pan.

Melt butter and add flour saute it for few minutes then slowly whisk in the milk , stirring continuously, till a thick white sauce is formed. At the end add the cheese . Adjust the seasoning .

Melt butter in another pan , add the garlic and onions , saute it for few minutes .

Add all the vegetables , fry for 3 to 4 minutes , pour in the white sauce, add the prepared pasta onto it . Sprinkle some pepper powder and chilli flakes

Add some more cheese on top of it

Put it on an oven for further 4 to 5 minutes

And you are ready to gorge into this easy weasy dinner 😊

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