Something about myself.   I am a homemaker and mother of a teenage son and a passionate cook. I named my site as flavours which means taste, a taste across boundaries and thought of sharing   few  interesting recipes

From  the days of graduation, then marriage, kid , family responsibilities it had been a beautiful journey which I am  thoroughly enjoying  and wanted to indulge the cookery passion which  had been with me for years since childhood.  I thought of pursuing my inner passion of cooking and started experimental little treats within my family. Nevertheless you can say they became the  guinea pigs of some sort :).  Honestly speaking they had been my best critics.

I love to cook, read cooking articles, watch cookery shows to gather information regarding food and I love to travel also and try different cuisines. Not so a technical person myself, (and internet seems to me as a vast ocean) my son gave me the required confidence to start my own food blog.

In this blog I will be posting my own tried and tested recipes, new ones and also some experimental ones with snaps of the food in details. I hope this blog can be useful for you and many of the recipes you may like as well.  Any suggestions or comments will be much appreciated. J

Happy cooking and share the flavour of happiness through food…

Sangita Banerjee